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Stools & Benches

Stools & Benches

Our selection of designer stools from bar height to sofa height, a favourite of ours is the e15 Backenzahn and benches like the classic Vitra Nelson Bench.

Stools & Benches

Stools & Benches

Our selection of designer stools from bar height to sofa height, a favourite of ours is the e15 Backenzahn and benches like the classic Vitra Nelson Bench.

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  1. SCP Ulrik Stool

    SCP Ulrik Stool

    Part of the SCP Boxed collection.The SCP Ulrik stool is made from solid ash and features a beautifully executed joinery detail that allows the seat to be constructed from two separate parts. This detail gives the stool both poise and a comfortable sitting position. Viewed from different angles Ulrik vastly changes in appearance, the seat at times appears to look like a drawing of a heart. This ever changing appearance, accentuated by the natural splay of the legs, gives the stool a personality and wit all its own.
  2. Vitra HAL Ply Tube Stool

    Vitra HAL Ply Tube Stool

    Vitra Hal Ply Tube Stool is the new version of the Hal plastic stool, with a wood seat. A very simple, recognisable design but in the same way fresh and original. The shape of HAL‘s shell ensures plenty of freedom of movement and the slightly flexible wood makes many different sitting positions possible – even sideways and astride the chair. Hal Ply Tube comes in 3 different wood finishes and 2 different heights.
  3. Kartell Spoon Stool

    Kartell Spoon Stool

    Kartell Spoon Stool is an original stool whose shape is as elastic in appearance as it is in function. The innovation of spoon consists mainly in attaching the seat to a central support with a specially reinforced curve to guarantee a comfortable sitting position. The gas lift pump adjusts the height and is perfectly inserted into the stem. In the same ingenious fashion, the handle which regulates the mechanism is perfectly concealed inside the seat.
  4. Vitra Butterfly Stool

    Vitra Butterfly Stool

    The beautiful curved shape is reminiscent of Butterflies wings - a sculptural masterpiece. The Butterfly Stool blends Eastern shapes with the technique developed by Charles and Ray Eames of shaping plywood. The Butterfly Stool comes in two different finishes - Maple or Palisander.
  5. e15 Backenzahn

    e15 Backenzahn


    Considered a design classic, the e15 Backenzahn is part of several permanent exhibitions in Museums. With its four identical legs made of solid wood in either a stool or table verison. The slightly concave seat provides sitting comfort in the stool version and Backenzahn can also be supplied with a flat top to be used as a side table. Available in two different colours - European Oak or European Walnut. The splits and imperfections of the wood are a characteristic of this iconic product.

  6. Kartell Charles Ghost Stool

    Kartell Charles Ghost Stool

    The shape of Charles Ghost conjures up stools of the 1800's and the line of the legs is rounded and slightly upturned, an icon of the classic high stool. Charles Ghost is constructed from a single block of polycarbonate which makes it very hard wearing and allows it to survive outdoors as well as indoors. Charles Ghost Stool s available in 3 different heights, 8 different colours and can be stacked 7 stools high.
  7. Vitra Cork Family

    Vitra Cork Family

    Three small friends, robustly built, stable, individual in character and lovable in appearance, that's the Vitra Cork Family. Whether as side-tables or as stools, the three different brothers benefit from the advantageous properties of the natural material: cork. It is comparatively light, enormously tough and has a pleasant soft feel.
  8. e15 Calle Bench

    e15 Calle Bench

    e15 Calle is a solid wood bench that consists of a contoured seat, two sides flushed with the seat and a support beam underneath. The top surface tapers toward the middle to allow comfortable sitting. The wood for the bench is 40 mm thick, the seat consists of three boards. This bench combines well with any of the e15 tables but especially Bigfoot and Ponte. Calle comes in 2 different colour options - European Oak Oiled or European Walnut Oiled.
  9. Kartell Gnomes

    Kartell Gnomes

    Napoleon and Saint-Esprit are 2 table-stools. Three charismatic and striking designs oozing originality and anti-conformism. Stools and Tables which are cute and humorous but with one eye on functionality, thought up to furnish every setting inside or outside imaginable. The gnome hats are flat and circular so they can be used as a table or stool.
  10. Vitra Eames Stools

    Vitra Eames Stools

    In 1960 the Eames office was commissioned by Time Inc. to fit out three lobbies in the Rockefeller Center in New York. As well as complete interior fixtures and fittings the project included the comfortable Lobby Chairs and a series of solid walnut stools - Eames Stools. These turned stools which (as Ray Eames originally intended) can also be used as occasional tables, have three different design details in their centre sections
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